Our holistic support enables escaped North Korean people to overcome the barriers that prevent them from building new lives.

Our aim is to enable every person who has escaped the oppression of North Korea, to heal, grow, and live the life they choose.

Apply now for our Enabling Freedom Network Scholarships

We are excited to offer up to two full scholarships to cover travel, tuition fees and living expenses for postgraduate degrees. These scholarships will be awarded to North Korean escapees in partnership with the University of Edinburgh.

Enabling Freedom

This innovative programme is specifically designed to empower North Korean escapees to gain the skills and qualifications, and develop the confidence, they need to access opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

Enabling Resilience

This programme supports North Korean people with the recovery of their mental health, so they can overcome the day-to-day barriers they face in their efforts to build new lives. It ensures people have the support they need to complete the Enabling Freedom programme.

Enabling Freedom Network

We believe that the best people to drive lasting change for the North Korean escapee community are North Korean people themselves. Our Enabling Freedom Network enables them to achieve this ambition.

Donate today

You can help a North Korean person to learn English, gain qualifications, and build the new life they deserve.

Our events

Find out about events we’ve got coming up, or learn more about the work we do, and why, by reading about our past events.

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