Our holistic support enables escaped North Korean people to overcome the barriers that prevent them from building new lives.

Our aim is to enable every person who has escaped the oppression of North Korea, to heal, grow, and live the life they choose.

Launch of Enabling Freedom Network scholarships

The opportunity for up to two North Korean escapees from any safe haven to pursue any full-time, one-year taught postgraduate degree on-campus in Edinburgh through a fully-funded scholarship alongside Connect: North Korea’s social leadership training programme.

Enabling Freedom

Enabling Freedom provides the holistic educational, well-being, and financial support North Korean people need to gain recognised vocational and professional qualifications, work towards their dreams and potential, and choose the lives they want to live.

Enabling Resilience

This programme supports North Korean people with the recovery of their mental health, so they can overcome the day-to-day barriers they face in their efforts to build new lives. It ensures people have the support they need to complete the Enabling Freedom programme.

Enabling Freedom Network

This programme is for North Korean people who wish to become change-makers anywhere in the world. They know their community’s needs, so are best placed to support them in devising strategies that will enable them to create better lives for themselves.

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You can help a North Korean person to learn English, gain qualifications, and build the new life they deserve.

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