How our expert wellbeing support helped Min-soo

Although Min-soo was born in North Korea, her parents moved to the UK when she was less than three-years-old, so almost all of her memories are of living in the UK.

When Min-soo asked us for help, thankfully we were able to support her with one-to-one therapy sessions.

The sessions enabled Min-soo to reflect on various parts of her life: her individual well-being, her family, her studies and how she fits in the community. Min-soo and her parents had also experienced a recent breakdown in communication, which contributed to her feelings of anxiety.

Min-soo’s therapy sessions gave her more mental space, enabling her to communicate her thoughts and feelings more effectively and calmly with her family.

As the sessions progressed, Min-soo expressed a desire to explore her North Korean identity further. She wanted to understand herself and her mother better and, in the long-run, help heal the rift in communication between them.

Generous support from people like you helps North Korean people like Min-soo access these much needed mental health services.

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