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Why is lived experience so important in our work?

The lived experience of our North Korean staff and volunteers ensures a bond and a trust with the escaped people taking part in our programmes that cannot be replicated with someone who has not shared the horrors of growing up in an authoritarian regime, does not understand how much courage it takes to attempt escape, does not know the loneliness of having found freedom but at the price of leaving your family, or the isolation of arriving in a new country where you don’t understand the language, and don’t know where you fit in.

Catherine Dawkins,
Programme Manager

Yejin Lee,
Head of Client Experience

Tabitha Chetwynd,
Fundraising Manager

Michael Glendinning,

Hyunmi Lee,
Head of Client Support

Seonyeong Oh,
Health Lead

Sek Park,
Community Support Officer

Hyang Lee,
Community Support Officer

Ria Kim,
Community Support Officer

Kelsey Lechner,
Education Co-Lead

Mina Ha,
Education Co-Lead

Oliver Windridge,

Vicky Nida,

Mitra Motlagh,
Board member

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