We enable freedom

Our programmes enable North Korean escapees to overcome the many barriers that prevent them from building new lives once they’ve escaped the oppressive North Korean regime.


Our aim is to assist North Korean escapees to resolve their socio-economic issues and support in the recovery of their mental health. Enabling Resilience integrates community outreach, mental health care, and advice, information, and guidance services to support North Korean escapees to build their resilience for overcoming the day-to-day barriers they have to building new lives.


Enabling Freedom provides the holistic educational, well-being, and financial support needed for North Korean escapees to gain recognised vocational and professional qualifications and choose a career path that will enable them to transform their lives, support themselves and their families, work towards their dreams and potential, make the most of their new freedoms, and choose the lives they want to live.

To ensure we are meeting the complex needs many North Korean escapees have, everyone enrolled will also have access to supplementary programmes run by Connect: North Korea to resolve their socio-economic problems and support in the recovery of their mental health.


With North Korean communities spread across the globe, we seek local expertise that understands and assists in transforming the lives and prospects of all North Korean escapees. This programme is designed for North Korean change-makers who know their communities’ needs to devise policies, strategies, missions, and visions to create better lives for those communities they support.

As strong advocates themselves, these individuals are best placed to know the challenges faced by North Korean escapees and find solutions. This programme enhances the leadership and education skills of these change-makers, from lawyers to academics, doctors to civil society and community leaders - we aid escapees in getting university qualifications and participation in a social leadership programme as well. Our goal is for these skills to be taken back to their communities to enable escapees to build new, fulfilling lives wherever they are in the world, with lasting impact for generations to come.