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Many people who have escaped North Korea have concerns about speaking to the media, in case doing so puts them, or their loved ones, at risk. It can also be very difficult for them to talk about their experiences of adversity, and even be re-traumatising.

So please consider speaking to our highly experienced and specialised team as an alternative. They can usually provide the information and insights you are looking for, because lived experience informs everything we do.

  • Connect: North Korea is staffed and informed by North Korean lived experience at every level of our organisation – including many staff and volunteers who have escaped North Korea themselves.
  • Our team has been working with North Korean escapees in the UK and South Korea for decades.
  • We are guided by our user voice subcommittee – comprised of 12 North Korean people with direct experience of our programmes.

So our team can also share authentic experiences of life in North Korea, escaping the the oppressive regime, and can speak from experience about the impact of growing up in an authoritarian regime, and the isolation of arriving in a new country where you don’t understand the language, and don’t know where you fit in.

Please complete and submit the form below if you wish to make a request to interview a member, or members, of our team. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible to explore whether this opportunity might meet your needs.

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