Funzing Talks: Inside North Korea, 11th of April, London

While headlines across the world focus on nuclear proliferation in North Korea, 120,000 North Koreans are currently detained in the most appalling conditions in gulags, thousands are being exploited in forced labour conditions across the world for profit for the North Korean state, and millions across the country have their rights to freedom of thought, conscience, religion, association, movement, and opinion heavily violated.

The goal at Connect: North Korea is to connect you with the lives, the opinions, the experiences, and the knowledge of North Koreans to raise awareness of North Korean human rights. Michael Glendinning and Jihyun Park will reflect on the current crisis and why the human rights situation must not be relegated to an after-thought.

Our talk will help to shed some light on what North Korea really is, and what day to day life it is like for someone that lives there.

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