My Choices in Life are too Narrow

I have been in the UK for around 8 years.

I open my eyes every morning and hear the birds sing. I pray to God who gave me life for allowing me to live in heaven.

There are no human rights problems [like in North Korea] in our life in the UK, but there is a big problem with language.

For those North Koreans who have children, there are many difficulties because of not knowing the language. They cannot understand the information given by the children’s schools. There are also a lot of problems in communication with the council or with social workers. For all North Koreans, banking also creates difficulties.

I wa­nt to volunteer with my spare time. But owing to my bas­ic level of English, I cannot do it. This also means my choices in life are too narrow.

Learning English is an essential part of my life in the UK.

We’re opening a Community Centre to help North Koreans learn the language to enable them to grab all the opportunities that life in the UK offers. Please support it via

Thank you.

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