Many North Koreans arrive in their new homes needing support to integrate and build new lives. Through English classes, work experience, job skills training, and mentoring, we support North Koreans to realise their goals. Help us by donating to our causes today, or volunteering to help out direct.

Connections is our language-learning programme which addresses the language barriers faced by North Koreans in the UK and supports new social skills to trigger change for a successful integration into UK society through 3 steps.

1. Twice-weekly English classes focused on the practical language North Koreans feel they need to prosper in the UK.

2. Weekly meetings with volunteer tutors guided by the needs of the refugees to enable them to practice their new-found skills in practical real-world settings as well as addressing other skills needed by North Korean refugees.

3. Every month, we help cultivate friendships and language practice for our students through meet-ups – trips to museums, cafes, and parks not only help refugees develop friendships for their social integration but also provide an outlet for their English-language learning.

We adminster and fundraise for a community centre for the North Korean refugee community in the UK. Our centre – in New Malden – is open to all North Korean refugees free of charge for their social, cultural and educational needs.

Through 1-on-1 meetings, we seek to support and advance young North Korean refugees.

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