Social Leadership & Scholarships

Our ambitions

We firmly believe that the best people to drive lasting positive change for North Korean escapees are North Korean people themselves.

Our Enabling Freedom Network is a world-first social leadership and scholarship scheme designed to enhance the education and leadership skills of North Korean escapee change-makers.

We aid ambitious North Korean escapees to reach their full potential so they can in turn enable their own community to do the same.

To achieve this, we work with a variety of professions; from lawyers to teachers to social entrepreneurs and medical professionals. We also engage with political, religious, and civil society leaders, as well as any other positions that can drive transformational change for North Korean escapees.

Our goal is for these change-makers to get university qualifications alongside participation in a specialised social leadership training programme.

Our scholarships

After North Korean people have maximised their individual potential, they can then take their specialist skills and lived experiences back into the community.

The Enabling Freedom Network Scholarship programme is designed for talented North Korean pioneers who know their communities’ needs and are passionate about advocating for policies, strategies, and missions which will create better lives for escapees – wherever they are in the world.

Currently, we’re delighted to be offering up to two full scholarships to cover travel, tuition fees and living expenses for North Korean escapees to complete postgraduate degrees.

These scholarships are offered in partnership with the University of Edinburgh.

Learn more about the eligibility criteria for our Enabling Freedom Network scholarships here.


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