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Connect: North Korea has a big ambition: to drive lasting positive change for everyone who has escaped the oppression of their former life in North Korea.

We firmly believe that the best people to do this are escaped North Korean people themselves.

So, we work with North Korean escapee change-makers from all over the globe through our Enabling Freedom Network programme to develop their leadership skills, to build strong support networks for escaped North Korean people, so they are empowered to develop solutions to problems they face, wherever they have found refuge around the world.

The Enabling Freedom Network programme is designed for escaped North Korean people who wish to become change-makers. They know their community’s needs, so are best placed to devise policies, strategies, missions, and visions to create better lives for the North Korean communities they support.

The Enabling Freedom Network programme empowers North Korean change-makers by providing access to university study, to gain a qualification. They also participate in a leadership programme which enhances their leadership and organisational management skills.

Our goal is for North Korean change-makers to take these skills back to their communities to enable more escaped people to build new, fulfilling lives wherever they are in the world, with lasting positive impacts for generations to come.

Find out more about our fully-funded Enabling Freedom Network scholarships at The University of Edinburgh.

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