Enabling Resilience

Life in such an oppressive state, coupled with trauma caused by their experiences escaping North Korea, and leaving people they love behind, are a significant barrier to escaped North Korean people being able to move forward positively in their new lives.

They often arrive in a new country with mental health problems and support needs that exacerbate their challenges.

The aim of the Enabling Resilience programme is to support escaped North Korean people with the recovery of their mental health, so they can overcome the day-to-day barriers they face in their efforts to build new lives.

Our qualified Korean mental health professionals are uniquely placed to understand the trauma North Korean escapees experience, and the barriers they face in their attempts to integrate into new societies so different from anything they have ever known, with freedoms that are so alien to them.

This shared lived experience and language is crucial to supporting North Korean people with their recovery, in developing new skills, confidence, and the resilience they need to make informed choices about their lives and careers and take their full place in society.

The Enabling Resilience programme integrates community outreach, mental health care, and advice, information, and guidance services.

It is designed to provide the scaffolding to maximise successful completion of the Enabling Freedom programme and ensure each person gets as much benefit as possible from the opportunities it provides.

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