Connect: North Korea aims to support and reach the 30,000 North Korean refugees worldwide and to focus on specific support initiatives for over 700 North Korean refugees in the UK. Connect: North Korea is an independent, non-religious, and non-political registered charity founded in 2017 and based in New Malden, London – home to the largest exile community outside of Asia.


  • Michael Glendinning

    Michael founded Connect: North Korea in 2017 as a means to support the North Korean refugee community. He holds a BA and MA in English. He previously co-founded the European Alliance for Human Rights in North Korea. He is also the CEO and founder of the London-based not-for-profit Korea Future Initiative.

  • Jihyun Park
    Outreach Officer

    Jihyun is the Outreach Officer at Connect: North Korea. She manages our Korean-language output, builds our relations with North Korean refugees, and builds awareness of human rights by speaking at events across the country. She holds a Mathematics and Science degree from a university in North Korea. Prior to leaving North Korea, she was a teacher in a high school.


  • Robin Walker

    Robin is an experienced business leader who worked in the food sector in the UK and internationally for 40+ years as a senior executive working at C-suite level in several large corporates. He now has a portfolio of Charity and Non Executive Director roles to employ that wealth of experience for the benefit of others. He currently sits on the board of Berry Gardens Ltd as Deputy Chairman and on the boards of James Hutton Ltd, PizzaRossa Ltd and Shirlaws Group.

  • Thomas Cho

    To be added soon.

  • Debbie Dobinson

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  • Oliver Perkins

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